Global Masters

Recognized Masters in Design and Facilitation of the Taylor System and Method Criteria:
  • Matt, Gail, and/or Rob have direct, personal experience of their work and find it to be at a masterful level of competency (see the Levels of Competency model in Models)


 Comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts and models in an area of study. Individuals who successfully complete the week-long Design and Facilitation of Collaborative Work course will be given a certificate that recognizes their attainment of the level of Familiarity. Other options include working within an established Taylor-based system.


 The ability to do good work in every major aspect of a field or practice area. Mentors and teaches other actors in the system from a place of understanding and attainment.


 The demonstrated capacity to do superior, original work in a subject area and to teach others to do so. Masters create authentic and valid contributions to their art. True Masters recognize that they must manifest Beginner’s Mind to continue learning and growing.

  • Is actively involved in designing and delivering complex collaborative work. (i.e., not retired or fully engaged in another line of work)

  • To be listed as “active” on The Collaboration Code website, we ask that masters to the following each year:

    • Share at least one example of their on-going work (Strawdog, Design Document, new pattern/tool/model, or systemic innovation, etc.) that we will help scrub of all client identifying information. The purpose of this is to learn from each other and for others to learn from exemplars of the approach. Rob will compile these into an Annual Casebook that he will make available to Active Masters to use in their work and teaching.

    • Be active in building the global practice, either through their own work with their own organization or through active participation in The Happening, 7 Domains, etc.

    • Have a check-in call with Gail, Matt, or Rob.

Recognized Masters of the Taylor System and Method:

Joanne Bowen (Australia)

Chris Burke (United States)

Liz Cameron-Smith (Australia)

Bryan Coffman (United States)

Philippe Coullomb (Malaysia)

Rob Evans (United States)

Lawrence Goldstone (Australia)

Chris Hara (Australia)

Andy Heppelle (United States)

Justin Homer (Australia)

Elise Hufano (United States)

Adam Jay (Australia)

Todd Johnson (United States)

Garrick Jones (United Kingdom)

Tom Kehner (United States)

Brandon Klein (United States)

Andreas Kuhn (Germany)

Tom Lloyd (United States)

Carolyn Buck Luce (United States)

Kenneth Martin (United States)

Dan Newman (Italy/United Kingdom)

Hamilton Ray (United States)

Dan Rixon (United Kingdom)

David Roberts (United States)

Kenneth Roberts (Australia)

Dean Said (Australia)

Chip Saltsman (United States)

Jay Smethurst (United States)

Alex Smith (Australia)

Rebecca Smith (Australia)

Gail Taylor (United States)

Matt Taylor (United States)

Maurizio Travaglini (Italy)

Ben Turner (United Kingdom)

Charlie Ursell (Canada)

Sandy Worthing (United States)

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