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To have an opportunity to learn from Rob, who has developed the DesignShop Process to world-class levels, is a priceless gift. Just to be in the presence of such a master is transformative. You will change for the better.

 - Stewart Emery, International Best-Selling Author and Founder of Actualizations

"This workshop was the most powerful learning experience I have had in my decades as a partner in the firm."

 - EY Partner

"Simply put, Rob Evans is one of the very best workshop leaders I have had the pleasure to know. He is a true master, able to draw out the collective intelligence of a group in order to solve the thorniest issues. And he does it all with ease and panache – and a fine sense of humor.  Whether you’re working with him or learning from him, consider yourself very lucky."

- Dr. William Ury, Best-selling co-author of Getting to Yes (and many others), Co-founder of the Harvard’s Program on Negotiation 

"Rob Evans and his work – the DesignShop, The Collaboration Code, his capacity to facilitate – is the finest I have ever seen in the whole world. His genius is in helping people dream and succeed in solving wicked problems that seem impossible. I’ve never seen anyone do it as well as Rob. In fact, he goes beyond what I ever thought was possible. Please use the tools in his The Collaboration Code. Learn to facilitate like Rob Evans and the world will be a better place.”

- Lynne Twist, Best-selling author of The Soul of Money, Co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance and founder of The Soul of Money Institute

“In an increasingly complex and interdependent world, the best tools for solving problems and shaping the future have to be through a rigorous approach of collaborative facilitation. I have had two totally novel and intensely rewarding experience of participating in trainings in the DesignShop methodology – once in NYC & then again in Ahmedabad, India – led by the master of this game - Rob Evans. He has actually transformed the way I now meaningfully engage with people.”

Sunil Parekh, Writer, Businessman and Entrepreneur, Founding Curator, Global Shapers (World Economic Forum)

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