The Collaboration Code by Rob Evans.

"The Collaboration Code series is the most complete expression of the Taylor System and Method that Gail and I have been developing over the past forty years."

– Matt Taylor


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To order copies of Patterns, Tools, and Models, and the 2019 Casebook, the first four volumes of this systematic description of the state-of-the-art approach to collaborative working, email

Learn More About Each Manual


Patterns: Unlocking the Power of Collaborative Teams (Rob Evans)

Patterns unpacks the “secret sauce” of collaborative work – those principles of practice drawn from a deep understanding of how humans can learn and design new solutions at the highest level of performance.

Tools: The Leader’s Guide to Collaborative Solutions 

(Rob Evans)

Tools provides a comprehensive view of over 130 workshop modules and tools that are used in the delivery of collaborative working sessions, including what the exercise is, how it is used, and how it is delivered with specific, actual examples of team assignments.

Models: Frameworks for Transformation (Matt Taylor, Rob Evans, and Kelvy Bird)

Models gives newly-revised, detailed descriptions of the models and processes of the MG Taylor Modeling Language, including many never-before documented models, their origin stories, and new illustrations created by Kelvy Bird.

2019 Casebook

(curated by Rob Evans)

This first annual Casebook presents 20 agendas from actual sessions designed and delivered by eight Global Masters of the craft. Learn from the best!

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