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7 Domains Workshop

July 19-23rd

Victoria, Canada

Venture Management Within the Spirit of upCreation


“In the right circumstances self-organization can often also be legitimately called self-creation. Without an outside agent, the parts cohere into a

new organization that brings forth an "emergent" level or self not present before. Since the new emergent level of complexity encompasses, without destruction, the previous "lower" levels of organization, I call this self-creation of higher levels ‘upcreation.’”

7 Domains Workshop - July 2020

Sunday, July 19, 2020, 10:00am – Thursday, July 23 5:00pm

Victoria, Canada

Join Gail, Matt, and Rob for the next 7 Domains Workshop in July. 

Why? Because we believe that all processes and practices should take time out periodically to explore and examine their evolution and cycles of growth. 

The next 10 to 20 years will call on all the ingenuity and ability humanity possesses. And the good news is that each of us, in his or her own work, has been practicing, designing, developing, and evolving for years for exactly this time.

What do we have to offer? What is it we want to provide the world? What is our game? Let’s explore these questions together in Victoria this summer.

In this week-long, highly interactive experience, we will share perspectives on the past 40 years of practice of the MG Taylor System and Method. We’ll apply our modeling language to the process and to ourselves in more profound ways than ever before. We will deepen our knowledge and relationships and upcreate our ability to respond to the challenges and the possibilities that we face on our beautiful planet.

The future is calling.

Workshop Schedule

Sunday (7/19): 10am – 6pm

Monday (7/20): 8am – 6pm

Tuesday (7/21): 8am – 8pm

Wednesday (7/22): 8am – 5pm, followed by a group dinner

Thursday (7/23): 8am – 3pm


On Monday through Thursday, the day begins with continental breakfast at 7:30. Participants will be served a working lunch. Dinner will be served on Wednesday in the workshop space and on Thursday there will be an optional team dinner.


Workshop Fees

Standard fee is $2750. 

Sliding scale available for small consultancies with fewer than 5 professionals ($2250) and individual practitioners ($1750). 

Participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations. We will set aside a block of rooms at a reduced rate in a nearby hotel.


Enrollment will be limited to 45 on a strict first come, first served basis.  To enroll, email Rob@imaginal-labs.com